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   Tianjin GS Battery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, under the national well-known Japanese GS Yuasa group, adhering to Japan's advanced production technology and more than one hundred years of battery manufacturing experience, has become an excellent supporting supplier for many world-famous automobile manufacturers. There are more than 20000 pop service points in the national aftermarket, under which there are three major brands of GS battery, uni battery and uni battery.
  In 2018, gs-yuasa group built Tianjin Jesse battery new factory in Nangang Industrial Zone, Tianjin, which introduced advanced technology and equipment. It is estimated that the output value will reach more than 3.2 billion yuan in 2025, and finally reach the scale of more than 10 million EFB battery products (9.6 million KVAh).
  Tianjin Jieshi Battery Co., Ltd. is committed to the coordinated development of cleaner production, social justice, human rights, environment, etc. through high-quality products and services, it fully demonstrates the value and potential of the enterprise, and makes unremitting efforts to realize the integration of "social sustainable development" and "enterprise environmental protection management".
  Tianjin Jieshi battery, with its ingenious products and perfect service, has always been with you!
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TianJin GS Battery Industry Co., Ltd.



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